Project structure

Model-In project structure

This project brings together 11 participants and is run as a series of five linked research Work Packages (WPs) and a project management package (WP 6). A WP Leader co-ordinates the specific activities of each WP. They are selected based on their expertise and research facilities. Most participants will contribute to more than one WP.

Consortium Management

In close co-operation with the Co-ordinator (Dr Irina Udalova), Consortium Management will be the responsibility of Imperial Consultants, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial College London. Imperial Consultants is an organisation with long-term experience in managing complex international and inter-disciplinary projects, including several FP6 STREPS and IPs. Management of the consortium will be undertaken within work package WP6. The role of this package is to provide overall co-ordination and management of all project activities, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Monitoring of progress of the work
  • Quality assurance and control of project deliverables
  • Trouble-shooting, problem avoidance and conflict resolution
  • Financial and budgetary control
  • Liaison with the European Commission
  • Consistent and timely reporting

The management structure is summarised in the diagram on the right. As this shows, overall co-ordination and management of the project is provided by a Project Steering Group made of the Project Co-ordinator (Dr Irina Udalova, Imperial), Project Manager (Rachel Neal, Imperial Consultants) and Work Package Leaders. In addition an External Expert Panel (EEP), comprising representatives of high-level specialists and stakeholders, will provide advice on strategic issues, review the progress of the project, while technical teams will operate on an ad-hoc basis to bring together researchers at the task-level. Key roles in this structure are summarised below.